Detailed Program & Proceedings – Preliminary version

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – G E N E R A L – S C H E D U L E – – – – – –
Sunday, 10 Monday, 11 Tuesday, 12 Wednesday, 13 Thursday, 14
08:00 – 09:00 Registration
09:00 – 10:00 Mo-1A Mo-1B Workshop
Joseph Kahn Daniel
Susana Sargento
10:00 – 11:00 Short Courses
(10:00 – 13:00)
Mo-2A Mo-2B Tu-1A Tu-1B Tu-1C Industry Panel
Th-1A Th-1B
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break
11:30 – 11:45 Opening Tu-2A Tu-2B Tu-2C We-1A We-1B Th-2A Th-2B
11:45 – 12:45 Edward Ackerman
12:45 – 14:00 Lunch break Closing
14:00 – 15:30 Short Courses
(14:00 – 17:00)
Mo-3A Mo-3B Workshop
Tu-3A Tu-3B Sightseeing Tour
& Conference Dinner
15:30 – 16:00 Poster Session
Poster Session
16:00 – 16:30 Coffee break
16:30 – 17:45 Mo-4A Mo-4B Workshop
Tu-4A Tu-4B
18:00 – 20:00 Welcome Reception SBMO
Annual Meeting
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10:00 – 13:00 Short Courses
Instituto de Telecomunicações
Nanoparticles-doped optical fibers. Fabrication and applications
Wilfried Blanc and Daniele Tosi
Radar Systems Overview: From Microwave To Quantum Radar
Beatriz Alencar and Gelza de Moura Barbosa
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch break
14:00 – 17:00 Short Courses
Instituto de Telecomunicações
Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics (RM&D): Sensing and IoT, Communication, Modeling, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
Moisés R. N. Ribeiro, Raphael Guimarães, Anselmo Frizera Neto, Magnos Martinello and Manuel Pardavila
Digital Signal Processing Techniques for Coherent Optical Transmission Systems (OptDSP)
Fernando Pedro Pereira Guiomar
18:00 – 20:00 Welcome Reception – Aveiro d’Honra
Museu Santa Joana
/*- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – M O N D A Y – – – – – */
Technical Sessions Workshop on Photonics and Advanced Sensing
Mo – 1A
Antennas and Radio Propagation
Room Moliceiro
Chair: Edward Ackerman
Mo – 1B
Optical Communication Systems and Subsystems
Room Salinas
Chair: Jacklyn Reis
Room Farol
Chair: Anselmo Frizera
09:00 Path Loss and Delay Spread Characterization in a 26 GHz mmWave Channel Using the Ray Tracing Method
H. Silva, M. Alencar and K. Assis
Optical Frequency Comb Generation Using Ultralong SOA and Different Amplification Methods in MZM-based Optical Fiber Loops
M. Santos, L. Huancachoque, A. Pereira, D. Nascimento and A. Bordonalli
Opening Remarks and Introduction to FOTONS
C. Marques and A. Frizera
09:15 Dual-Polarized Patch Antenna-in-Package with High Isolation for Ka-Band 5G Communications
H. Santos, P. Pinho and H. Salgado
Mitigation of Chromatic Dispersion in Fiber-Optic Link Using Dual-Drive Mach-Zehnder Modulator and Heterodyne Detection Technique </ span>
R. Carreira, J. Oliveria and J. Barroso
PICs: from Concept to Concrete
Invited Speaker:
Francisco Rodrigues,
PicAdvanced, Portugal
09:30 A New Trapezium FSS Superstrate for Antenna Gain Enhancement
J. Araújo, F. Lucena, P. Cavalcanti Filho, C. Silva, M. Oliveira, Ig. Llamas and M. Melo
Investigation of Spectral Tilt and OSNR in Cascade of EDFA with Linear Signal Power Pre-emphasis
M. Silva, L. Coelho, E. Barboza, C. Bastos-Filho, J. Martins-Filho, R. Almeida, Jr, D. Chaves and J. Neto
09:45 Effects of Electromagnetic Acceleration on the StarOne C1 Satellite Using Planar Antenna Array
A. Heilmann, H. Filho, C. Dartora, A. Adams and D. Clístenes
Innovative and multifunctional materials as optical amplifiers for cooperative visible light communications
A. Bastos, B. McKenna, T. Silvério, L. Carlos, P. André, R. Evans and M. Ferreira
Fiber Bragg Gratings Sensors on Sutural Expansion Assessment: a Pilot Study
W. Coimbra, V. Campos, P. Oliveira, A. Frizera, R. Andrade, A. Leal-Junior
Mo – 2A
Antennas and Radio Propagation
Room Moliceiro
Chair: Nuno Borges de Carvalho
Mo – 2B
Optical Communication Systems and Subsystems
Room Salinas
Chair: Nelson Muga
10:00 Dual-band Parabolic Antenna for High Capacity Backhauls and Fronthauls
H. Filgueiras, M. Caldano, T. Brandão and A. Cerqueira S. Jr.
Channels Spacing Impact on Unrepeatered Systems Capacity
T. Sutili, P. Neto, F. Simões, G. Suzigan and R. Figueiredo
Analysis of the Diaphragm Thickness Influence in an FBG Pressure Sensor Response
F. Ludke, C. Diaz, A. Leal-Junior, M. Pontes, A. Frizera
10:15 A New Technique for Shaping Axis-Symmetric Dual-Reflector Antennas Using Conic Sections
T. Faria and F. Moreira
Constrained Shell Mapping for Geometric Optimization of Multilevel 4D Modulations
F. Rodrigues, G. Temporão and J. Weid
Polymer Optical Fiber Sensors for Treadmill Instrumentation
L. Avellar, A. Leal-Junior, A. Frizera
10:30 Full-Wave Analysis of Small Reflectarrays
E. Schlosser, M. Heckler and J. Bergmann
Impact of Low Frequency Laser Phase Noise in High Order Modulation Formats
D. Caballero, J. Schröder, M. Karlsson, P. Andrekson and E. Goobar
Special Implementations of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors
Invited Speaker:
Garry Berkovic
Soreq, Israel
10:45 Impact of Self-Equalization in a Spectral Efficiency Analysis in Massive MIMO
F.Jose, L. Lolis, E. Ribeiro and S. Mafra
Photonics-assisted Amplification for Baseband-over-Fiber Links
E. Saia, L. Pereira, R. Borges and A. Cerqueira S. Jr.
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break
11:30 – 11:45 Opening session
Room Moliceiro
11:45 – 12:45 Analog Photonic Systems: Features & Techniques to Optimize Performance
Edward Ackerman, Vice President of Research & Development at Photonic Systems, Inc.
Room Moliceiro
Chair: Nuno Borges de Carvalho
12:45 – 14:00 Lunch break
Technical Sessions Workshop on Photonics and Advanced Sensing
Mo – 3A
Photonic Network, SDN and NFV
Room Moliceiro
Chair: Gilberto Brambilla
Mo – 3B
Antennas and Radio Propagation
Room Salinas
Chair: Anthony Ng’Oma
Room Farol
Chair: Arnaldo Gomes Leal Junior
14:00 mmWave communication and 5G networks: challenges, opportunities and open points
Invited Speaker:
Valerio Frascolla,
Director of Research & Innovation at Intel
A Bivariate eta-mu Complex Fading Model
A. Oliveira, T. Bairros, M. Yacoub and R. Souza
Scattering-level multiplexing in distributed optical fiber sensors: method and applications in biomedical engineering
Invited Speaker:
Daniele Tosi,
Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
14:15 LLS Estimation of the Channel Gain in a Scenario of Impulsive Noise and Generalized Fading
H. Silva, D. Almeida, W. Queiroz, F. Madeiro, I. Fonseca and M. Alenca
14:30 Processing Resource Allocation in 5G Fronthaul
M. Amaral, J. Santos, H. Rocha, M. Segatto and J. Silva
Characterization of the wireless onboard channel during tunnel crossing in high-speed rail traffic
J. Lichtblau, F. Lurz, B. Sanftl, R. Weigel and A. Koelpin
Total Variation Deconvolution of Raman Distributed Temperature Sensing Signals
J. Pelegrin, J. Bazzo, I. Costa, C. Martelli, D. Pipa, J. Silva
14:45 Traffic Matrix Prediction for Optical Networks
L. Mesquita and K. Assis
Scattering by a PEC Wedge in a Standard Atmosphere: a Modified Two-Ray Model Versus a SSPE Algorithm
D. Parada, C. Rego, J. Mendes, D. Guevara, G. Ramos and R. Daza
Improving Sensitivity of FBG Strain Sensor Embedded in Polymer Attached at Transformer Core
G. Kuhn, K. Sousa, J. Galvão, C. Martelli, J. Silva
15:00 Solving Quadratic Assignment Problem for Survivable Optical Networks with Genetic Algorithm
Y. Neris, M. Paiva and C. Pavan
SEP of the M-ary θ-QAM Signals Under Nakagami-q Fading and AWGN Noise
H. Silva, D. Almeida, W. Queiroz, F. Madeiro, I. Fonseca and M. Alencar
Building Structure with Pendulum Neutralizer Vibration Analysis Using FBGs Strain Sensors
R. Linessio, E. Fantin, C. Bavastri, J. Silva
15:15 Impact of HD- and SD-FEC on the Inter-Core Crosstalk Limitations in Elastic Optical Networks Using Multi-Core Fibers
F. Lobato, A. Jacob, J. Rodrigues, A. Cartaxo and J. Costa
Mixed Path Model for Urban and Suburban City-River Path for 1.4GHz
A.Macedo, D. Silva, E. Matos, F. Barros, G. Cavalcante, L. Castro and M. Almeida
Advances in the optical sources and signal processing for Optical Coherence Tomography
Invited Speaker:
Adrian Podoleanu,
University of Kent, UK
Poster Session
Mo – P
15:30 1. Applying the optical injection locking technique in a X-band VCSEL-based optoelectronic oscillator
J. Coronel-Rico, G. Durán, A. Rissons, C. Cano and H. Guarnizo
2. A Non-destructive Inspection of Anchor Rods based on Frequency Domain Reflectometry
M. Alves, M. Melo, L. Novo, M. Coutinho, D. Barbosa, L. Medeiros, R. Santos, V. Tarragô, H. Neto and P. Gama
3. Electric Field Radiated by the RG-58 Coaxial Cable and Connectors Versus Cellflex Coaxial Cable and Connectors with Total Shielding
K. Santos, M. Perotoni, M. Novo, G. Fontgalland, D. Brito, T. Silveira, D. Faria and D. Campos
4. Large-Scale Propagation Modeling in Corridors at the 10 GHz Frequency Spectrum
A. Lopes, I. Batalha, L. Rocha, F. Ferreira, C. Gomes, F. Barros and A. Carvalho
5. An electromagnetic multi-parameter strategy to detect faults in anchor rods using neural networks
D. Barbosa, L. Medeiros, M. Melo, L. Lourenço, M. Coutinho, M. Alves, R. Santos, V. Tarragô, H. Neto and P. Gama
6. Natural Computing Algorithms for Optimization of High-Order Distributed Raman Amplifiers
F. Lucia, J. Júnior, T. Sutili and R. Figueiredo
7. Back-to-back Double Antenna Array with 360° Coverage Simulation Model
B. Kleinau, S. Queiroz, R. Padilha, M. Melo and E. de Oliveira
8. Gradient-based Optimization for Unrepeatered Optical Systems
J. Júnior, F. Lucia, T. Sutili, D. Mello and R. Figueiredo
9. Experimental Transmission of LTE Signal Using Visible Light Communications
M. Oliveira, M. Fernandes, P. Santos, F. Guiomar, L. Alves, A. Pohl and P. Monteiro
10. Magneto Tuning of a Dual-Frequency Magneto-Dielectric Resonator Antenna Based on YIG Matrix
A. Costa, G. Fontgalland, A. Neto, A. Sombra, J. Morais and M. Silva
11. Design and Analysis of C-band repeater for Small Communication Satellite
K. Ali, A. Himeur, L. Abderrahmane
12. High Efficiency Double-band Printed Rectenna Model for Energy Harvesting
R. Mendes, S. Gonçalves, R. Silva, Í. Soares, C. Rego and G. Ramos
13. Spectrum sharing between 5G networks and fixed services operating in millimeter-waves
F. Teixeira, L. Freitas and J. Costa
14. Optimization of Shaped Log-Periodic Antennas
P. Tomé and M. Terada
15. Metamaterial Based Radome Applied to Microstrip Antenna
M. Canavez, G. Ramos, M. Souza, Jr., K. Souza and S. Gonçalves
16. 6G and Fog Node Mobile Systems for Cooperative, Autonomous, and Dynamic Application
T. Raddo, S. Rommel, B. Cimoli and I. Monroy
17. Comparison Of Different Designs Of Meander Line Antennas For Bluetooth 5
E. Freitas, A. Fernandes, I. Junior, H. Andrade, I. Silva and H. Castelo Branco
18. CRLH-based Reconfigurable Antenna Array for Handheld Devices
A. Alves, D. Spadoti and A. Cerqueira S. Jr.
19. Study of electromagnetic parameters of microstrip antennas with encapsulation of three materials (PLA, PS and Carnauba Wax)
P. Silva, J. Paiva, I. Junior, C. Cavalcante and S. Queiroz
20. A 0-203ps 3-bit True-Time Delay Circuit
L. Wenyuan, N. Lu and Z. Geng
21. A Framework for the inclusion of RF transparency parameters into BIM databases
Rafael F. S. Caldeirinha, Telmo R. Fernandes, Iñigo Cuiñas and Hugo Rodrigues
22. Numerical Analysis of Different Nanoantennas in Reception Mode for Application in Optical Nanocircuits
P. Lopes, P. Amaral and K. Costa
23. Industrial Internet of Things: Digital Twins
L. Delfino, A. Garcia and R. Moura
24. IoT Link Budget Survey for Sub-Gigahertz Field Area Networks
A. Barbieri, D. Spadoti and G. Fré
25. Coloured QR codes for Internet of Things applications
J. Ramalho, L. Carlos, M. Ferreira and P. André
26. A Novel Methodology to Detect Faults on Anchor Rods Using Reflectometry and Machine Learning
M. Coutinho, L. Novo, H. Neto, P.Gama, L. Medeiros, M. Melo, D. Barbosa, M. Alves, V. Tarragô and R. dos Santos
27. Shaping Circularly Symmetric ADC Antennas by Combining Conic Sections for Amplitude and Phase Control at the Aperture
A. Marques and F. Moreira
28. Bessel-Gauss Beam Description in the Generalized Lorenz-Mie Theory: The Finite Series Method
N. Valdivia and L. Ambrosio
15:45 Poster Session
Wor – P
W1. Recognition of wrist and fingers movement using fiber Bragg gratings in silicon elastomer packing
A. Kalinowski, E. Dureck, U. Dreyer, C. Zamarreño, A. Leránoz, D. Pipa, C. Martinelli, J. Silva
W2. Design and Implementation of a Polymer Optical Fiber Curvature Sensor for Dynamic Robot’s Instrumentation
F. Almeida, A. Leal-Junior, A. Bento Filho
W3. Instrumentation and validation of polymer optical fiber sensor technology on a passive knee exoskeleton
J. Campo, A. Leal-Junior, A. Siqueira, A. Frizera
W4. Fiber Bragg gratings sensor for thermal conductivity measurements in liquids
R. Lazaro, C. Castellani, M. Pontes, A. Leal-Junior
W5. Bragg grating device fabrication in undoped PMMA mPOF at 266 nm UV wavelength
R. Min, B. Ortega, D. Zhong, P. André, G. Woyessa, O. Bang, L. Pereira, T. Paixão, P. Antunes, J. Pinto, C. Marques
16:00 – 16:30 Coffee break
Mo – 4A
Access, Metropolitan and Wide Area Networks
Room Moliceiro
Chair: Moisés Ribeiro
Mo – 4B
Wireless and Mobile Systems
Room Salinas
Chair: Bruno Franciscatto
Wor – 3
Room Farol
Chair: Carlos Marques
16:30 Towards High-Capacity Fiber-Wireless Access Networks in the 5G Era
Invited Speaker:
Anthony Ng’oma
Manager of Research & Research Associate at Corning Incorporated
CMOS Reconfigurable Dual-Band Low Noise Amplifier for eMTC Receiver
X. Chen, X. Fan and J. Feng

Photonics Manufacturing Research and Its Impact in Future Optical Fibre Sensing

Invited Speaker:
Gilberto Brambilla,
University of Southampton, UK
16:45 Design and Characterization of Differential Rectifier on Flexible Substrate for WPT/IOT Applications
A. Takacs, A. Sidibe, J. Mannekens and B. Franciscatto
17:00 Reducing the 5G Fronthaul Traffic with O-RAN
J. Santos, J. Silva and M. Segatto
Ka-Band 4-Stack 45nm CMOS SOI Power Amplifier Supporting 3GPP New Radio FR2 band n258
J. Aikio, A. Sethi, M. Hietanen, T. Rahkonen and A. Pärssinen
Design and Analysis of a Smartphone integrated Polymer Optical Fiber Curvature Sensor
A. Leal-Junior, L. Avellar, C. Diaz, M. Pontes, A. Frizera
17:15 Survey of Distributed Amplifiers with > 100 GHz Bandwidth and Link-Budget Estimations for Short-Range Wireless up to 0.5 Tbit/s</ span>
F. Ellinger, P. Testa, D. Fritsche and S. Kolodinksi
Design of Power Amplifier for Multi-mode Multi-standard Front-end based on BiCMOS technology
X. Fan, J. Feng and X. Chen
Monolithic fibre lasers developed using the plane-by-plane femtosecond laser inscription method
A. Theodosiou, J. Aubrecht, K. Kalli, A. Stassis, K. Nithyanandan, P. Peterka, I. Kasik, P. Honzatko
17:30 A novel MIMO-OFDM Alamouti architecture for 5G systems at 26 GHz
R. Gomes, L. Duarte, C. Ribeiro, A. Hammoudeh and R. Caldeirinha
Performance Analysis of a THz Proximity Wireless Communication Based on RTD
R. Nóbrega, U. Duarte, T. Raddo, I. Glesk, A. Sanches and M. Loiola
Closing session
/*- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – T U E S D A Y – – – – – – – – – – – */
09:00 – 10:00 Revolutions at the Extremes in Optical Communications
Joseph Kahn, Professor at Stanford University
Room Moliceiro
Chair: Moisés Ribeiro
Technical Sessions
Tu- 1A
Optical Communication Systems and Subsystems
Room Moliceiro
Chair: Fernando Guiomar
Tu – 1B
Antennas and Radio Propagation
Room Salinas
Chair: Rafael F. S. Caldeirinha
Tu – 1C
Microwave Systems
Room Farol
Chair: Alexey Ustinov
10:00 Flex vs. Customized Coherent Optics: An Industry Perspective
Invited Speaker:
Jacklyn Reis
Microelectronics Director at Idea! Electronic Systems
Simulation of a Chipless RFID System using discreet FrFT to recover individual tags IDs
B. Lopes and J. Matos
Reconfigurable Microwave Coupled Resonator Band-pass Filter and Diplexer
L. Araujo, A. Belfort, I. Llamas-Garro, F. Mira and M. Lancaster
10:15 Evaluation of Different Materials to Design 3D Printed Horn Antennas for Ku-Band
D. Helena, A. Ramos, T. Varum and J. Matos
Printed Vector Modulator for 5G Communications Systems
J. Martins, T. Varum and J. Matos
10:30 Experimental Analysis of Mach-Zehnder Modulator’s Bias Point Enabling Long Distance Transmission Using a Recirculating Fiber Loop
C. Santos, J. Silva, V. Dias, M. J. Pontes and M. Segatto
Design of Key Modules in Multi-mode Multi-standard Receiver RF Front-end Resilient to Out-of-band Blockers
X. Fan, X. Chen and J. Feng
10:45 Impact of Fronthaul Signal Degradation on CRAN End-Users
D. Mathe, J. Costa, R. Oliveira and A. Teixeira
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break
Tu- 2A
Antennas and Radio Propagation
Room Moliceiro
Chair: João Matos
Tu – 2B
Biological Effects of Eletromagnetic Radiation, EMC and EMI
Room Salinas
Chair: Wilfried Blanc
Tu – 2C
Optical Components, Fibers and Devices
Room Farol
Chair: Joseph Kahn
11:30 Measurement of Typic Quartzipsamment Soil Permittivity at Different Depths
C. Lima, J. Carvalho and A. D’Andrea
Optimized Design of Si3N4 Structures for Photonic Integrated Data Compression Applications
C. Pinho, G. Micó, M. Lima, P. Muñoz and A. Teixeira
11:45 Electromagnetic Characterization of the Tommy Atkins Mango in the Maturation Period
C. Lima, J. Carvalho, E. Andrade and J. Gomes
Low Threshold and Highly Efficient All Fiber Brillouin Laser
E. Silva, K. Pereira, L. Reis, V. Junior, G. Martins and C. Castellani
12:00 Microwave Oven Selection for Carbothermic Reduction of Iron Ore
E. Pouzada, E. Castro, L. Jermolovicius, R. Nascimento, J. Senise, M. Mourão and C. Takano
Optical Frequency Comb Generation by Dual Drive Mach-Zehnder Modulator with Algorithm-assisted Efficient Amplitude Equalization
L. Huancachoque, M. Santos, A. Pereira, D. Bordonalli
12:15 Design and Test of a Pre-compliance EMC Current Probe
K. Santos, M. Perotoni, D. Faria, T. Silveira and W. Marx
Flatness Improved Comb Generation by Electro-optic Phase and Mach-Zehnder Modulators Cascade
L. Huancachoque, M. Santos, A. Pereira, D. Nascimento and A. Bordonalli
12:30 – 14:00 Lunch break
Technical Sessions
Tu- 3A
Field Trial and Applications
Room Moliceiro
Chair: Marcelo Werneck
Tu – 3B
Microwave and Optical Industrial Applications
Room Salinas
Chair: Andreas Theodosiou
14:00 Battery-less UWB indoor location is the way forward for industry 4.0
Invited Speaker:
Bruno Franciscatto
On a new type of micrometer-structured nondiffracting wave field: surface beams based on continuous superpositions of zeroth-order Bessel beams
L. Ambrosio
14:15 Optical Sensor based on hollow-core negative-curvature fiber for simultaneous detection of Multiple Gases
C. Francisco, A. Silva, L. Barêa and D. Spadoti
14:30 An IoT Gateway for Modbus and MQTT Integration
C. Silva and F. Silva
A New Design of Sierpinski Curve Fractal FSS for S-band Interference Protection Applications
P. Filho, J. Araújo, M. Oliveira, M. Melo, A. Neto and I. Coutinho
14:45 Merging Electronic, Cybernetic and Kinetic Warfare in Naval Systems
A. Sa, R. Machado and G. Barbosa
High accuracy hot spot size estimation technique for Raman Distributed Temperature Sensors
L. Silva, C. Castellani, M. Pontes and M. Segatto
15:00 Study on optical detection of real partial discharges generated by different electrodes
J. Fracarolli, J. Rosolem, C. Floridia, W. Cano, D. Dini, A. Melo and D. Benetti
Influence of Mach-Zehnder modulator bias point on development of microwave signal generation in microwave photonic ring generator
A. Kondrashov, A. Ustinov and B. Kalinikos
15:15 Towards a Complete Gait Analysis using Optical Fiber Bragg Gratings
C. Tavares, A. Nepomuceno, V. Rosa, F. Leite, L. Pereira, T. Paixão, N. Alberto, P. André, P. Antunes and M. Domingues
Hybrid and Bioinspired Computational Optimization Techniques for the Design and Synthesis of Multilayer FSS
W. Lima, C. Nogueira, F. Ferreira, F. Barros, M. Neto, J. Araújo and G. Cavalcante
15:30 Poster Session
1. Design of a 28/38 GHz Compact Dual-Band Printed Monopole for 5G/IoT Sensors
A. Ramos, T. Varum and J. Matos
2. Performance Evaluation of LoRaWAN Applied to Smart Monitoring in Onshore Oil Industries
M. Faber, K. Zwaag, H. Rocha, M. Segatto and J. Silva
3. Study of optimal placement of compact optical current sensor for practical applications
C. Floridia, A. Silva, M. Argentato, F. Bassan, R. Peres and J. Rosolem
4. FBG Sensors for In vivo Muscular Fatigue Analyses
E. Grabski, R. Fiorin, F. Pereria, D. Fontenele, I. Jones, A. Franco, M. Fugihara, H. Kalinowski and I. Abe
5. Refractive index sensor based on a D-shaped Photonic Crystal Fiber with a gold layer coated by a graphene sheet
M. Cardoso, A. Silva, P. Gaia, A. Romeiro and J. Costa
6. Optical Fiber Coupler Analysis Using Wavelets
P. Silva
7. Use of smartphone for alimentary liquids qualitative analysis
T. Cunha, P. André and P. Correia
8. Laser Thermal Crosstalk Modelling in InP based Photonic Integrated Chips
S. Pandey, C. Pinho, F. Rodrigues, H. Neto, M. Lima and A.Teixeira
9. Optical frequency comb with ultra-stable repetition rate generated in a micro-ring resonator
A. Baig, J. Boggio, S. Ahmed, D. Bodenmueller and M. Roth
10. Evaluation of Twisted-pair Cables for Terabit/s Systems Applications
D. Souza, B Sousa, G. Borges, R. Rodrigues, A. Cavalcante, I. Almeida and J. Costa
11. Modeling of a Conical Antenna Applied in a Waveguide Device
D. Tami, C. Rego and G. Ramos
12. 60 GHz low-loss branch-line hybrid coupler on nanoporous alumina interposer
B. Verona, G. Rocha, A. Serrano and G. Rehder
13. Computational Modeling of a Fiber-based Corrosion-monitoring Sensor with Two Detection Ranges
H. Alves, J. Martins-Filho and J. Nascimento
14. Graphene oxide filled optical fiber micro-cavity based temperature sensor
N. Alberto, M. Domingues, G. Gonçalves, P. Antunes, P. Marques and P. André
15. FBG-Based sensor applied to volumetric flow rate measurements
A. Allil
16. A swarm intelligence approach for regression analysis of surface plasmon resonance curves in Otto chips
A. Silva, S. Oliveira, G. Cavalcanti, M. Neto and E. Fontana
17. A 40Gb/s PAM4 SerDes Transmitter with 3-tap FSE in 65nm CMOS Technology
X. Song and Q. Hu
18. Benchmark of radio propagation path loss models applied to line-of-trees at 10, 36 and 60 GHz
N. Leonor, G. Ramos, C. Vargas, L. Mello and R. Caldeirinha
19. Simulation and Performance of a Fractal Microstrip Antenna on the Influence of EBG to ISM Band Application
H. Branco, J. Paiva, H. Andrade, G. Fontgalland, I. Junior and M. Sousa
20. Design of a Low-Cost Directive Antenna for 5G Small Cells Fronthaul
R. Natale, E. Sakomura, I. Bianchi, J. Silva, M. Segatto, J. Santos and D. Ferreira
21. Enabling User-Friendly EON Simulations with a Graphical Interface for ElasticO++
Y. Neris, R. Tessinari, A. Garcia, M. Segatto and M. Paiva
22. Electromagnetic parametric study of a MIMO dipole array antenna by FDTD technique
C. Batista and C. Rego
23. Efficient Allocation of Mobile Resources using Fuzzy Systems for a QoS Planning and Delivery Scheme
S. Dias, J. Júnior, I. Gomes, T. Carvalho and C. Francês
24. Numerical and Experimental Analysis of CSRR Structures in Bioinspired Microstrip Antenna
J. Silva, Á. Souto, B. Santos and A. Neto
25. Concept of a Tri-band Frequency Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna
L. Rodrigues, T. Varum and J. Matos
26. 2.4GHz Coplanar Patch Antenna with Solar Cell as Radiator for Communication and Energy Harvesting
E. Cambero, V. Silva, H. da Paz, H. Araujo, I. Casella and C. Capovilla
27. Portable diagnostics station with SHG FROG
A. Ribeiro, C. João, S. Künzel, J. Koliyadu, P. André and M. Fajardo
16:00 – 16:30 Coffee break
Technical Sessions
Tu- 4A
Field Trial and Applications
Room Moliceiro
Chair: Rafael F. S. Caldeirinha
Tu – 4B
Microwave and Optical Industrial Applications
Room Salinas
Chair: António Teixeira
16:30 Contribution for the Coexistence Analysis between 5G and 4G in the sub-1GHz Band
L. Alexandre and A. Cerqueira Jr.
Electrical characterization of indium tin oxynitride thin films for infrared sensor application
M. Sparvoli, V. Pederzini, L. Damiani, P. Polak, I. Abe, A. Lopes, I. Pereyra and R. Onmori
16:45 A High Linearity Up-Conversion Mixer for LTE MTC Applications
J. Feng, X. Fan and X. Chen
Feature Selective Validation Analysis applied to The Measurement of Electronic Circuit Electromagnetic Conducted Emissions – CISPR 25
K. Santos, M. Perotoni, T. Silveira, M. Novo, D. Faria, E. Ferreira, M. Andrade and S. Marchiori
17:00 A Bargraph IR-UWB pulse generator with Adaptive PSD for medical applications using a 130nm CMOS Process
L. Moreira, J. Fontebasso, W. Oliveira, E. Aranzamendi and E. Castillo
Polarization Independent Triple-Band Frequency Selective Surface Based on Matryoshka Geometry
A. Neto, J. Silva, I. Coutinho, M. Alencar, I. Albuquerque and B. Santos
17:15 Design of a patch antenna array for downlink rotorcraft system
D. Spadoti, J. Ribeiro and G. Rodrigues
Distributed Sensor Calibration by Gaussian Approximation
L. Silva, I. Costa, J. Silva, J. Samatelo, M. Segatto and M. Pontes
18:00 SBMO Annual Meeting
Room Moliceiro
/*- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – W E D N E S D A Y – – – – – – – – */
09:00 – 10:00 “Quiet light” and Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Photonic Integrated Lasers and Their Applications
Daniel Blumenthal, Professor at University of California at Santa Barbara
Room Moliceiro
Chair: António Teixeira
10:00 – 11:45 Industry Panel session / Coffee break
Room Moliceiro
Technical Sessions
Wed – 1A
Materials, Components, Circuits, Devices and Packaging
Room Moliceiro
Chair: Daniel Blumenthal
Wed – 1B
Optical Sensors and TeraHertz
Room Salinas
Chair: Jean Silva
11:45 Electromagnetic Model of a Nanodipole Array above a Double-Layer Graphene in Terahertz
A. Cruz, Y. Conceição, T. Rosso, V. Dmitriev and K. Costa
Mach-Zehnder Interferometer Based on Core Diameter Mismatch Structures for Curvature Measurement
V. Cardoso, F. Takeda, C. Fernandes, M. Giraldi and J. Costa
12:00 Preparation of blue light emitting diode based on polymer active matrix and borane cluster
P. Urbánek, I. Kuřitka, J. Ševčík, B. Hanulíková, M. Urbánek and M. Londesborough
Highly Sensitive Retro-Reflectance Fiber-Optic Sensors for Liquid-Liquid Interface Detection
R. Gois, G. Cavalcanti, E. Melo and E. Fontana
12:15 Graphene-based directional coupler for THz region
W. Castro, V. Dmitriev, F. Nobre, G. Melo and C. Oliveira
Graphene-based Terahertz Plasmonic Sensor
W. Silva, R. Paiva and K. Costa
12:30 On the Characterization of Long-Term Drift of LiNbO3Intensity Modulators
G. Amaral, P. Tovar and A. Stage
Temperature Cross-Sensitivity Optimization for Mach-Zehnder Interferometers Liquid Level Sensors
C. Diaz, A. Junior, A. Frizera, M. Pontes, C. Castellani, H. Ximenes, R. Silva and M. Ribeiro
12:45 UWB Bandpass Filter Using spiral and Cross Inductors
J. Fontebasso Neto, L. Moreira and F. Correra
Numerical Analysis of a Bi-Layer Graphene-based SPR Sensor by the Finite Element Method
Y. Conceição, A. Cruz, T. Rosso, V. Dmitriev and K. Costa
13:30 – 21:00 Sightseeing Tour and Conference Dinner
/*- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – T H U R S D A Y – – – — – – – – – – – */
09:00 – 10:00 The Role of Moving Things in Smart City Scenarios
Susana Sargento, Professor at Universidade de Aveiro & Instituto de Telecomunicações
Room Moliceiro
Chair: Marcelo Segatto
Technical Sessions
Th- 1A
Optical Sensors and TeraHertz
Room Moliceiro
Chair: Daniele Tosi
Th – 1B
Materials, Components, Circuits, Devices and Packaging
Room Salinas
Chair: Maria Pontes
10:00 FBG interrogator based on two-stage digital PI controller for high-frequency signals
J. Fracarolli, M. Argentato, E. Costa, J. Nogueira Jr, A. Melo and D. Benetti
A Compact and Highly Efficient SOI Polarization Splitter and Rotator based on a Bow-tie Structure
Y. Bustamante, G. Farias and H. Figueroa
10:15 Inscription of a fiber Bragg grating and a Fabry-Pérot interferometer on a MgO-doped optical fiber
T. Paixão, L. Pereira, R. Min, W. Blanc, D. Tosi, C. Molardi, C. Marques and P. Antunes
Microwave Interference Techniques for Frequency Measurement and Filters
C. Silva, I. Llamas, R. Gómez-García, J. Kim and M. Melo
10:30 Simultaneous dual-gas photoacoustic detection by laser modulation multiplexing in a single cell
M. Argentato, A. Silva, J. Fracarolli, R. Peres, C. Floridia and M. Resende
Green’s Function Analysis of a Linear Magnetic Source Radiating in Horizontally and Vertically Stratified Media
J. .Leite and K. Costa
10:45 Trade-off Performance of Optical Nanoantennas for Solar Energy Harvesting Applications
P. Livreri, G. Raimondi and R. Badalamenti
Electromagnonic Crystals Based on Ferrite-Ferroelectric Thin-film Multilayers
A. Nikitin, I. Ryabcev, A. Nikitin, A.Ustinov and B. Kalinikos
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break
Technical Sessions
Th- 2A
Optical Components, Fibers and Devices
Room Moliceiro
Chair: Jair Silva
Th – 2B
Microwave Systems
Room Salinas
Chair: Susana Sargento
11:30 Field Programmable Photonic Gate Arrays for RF-Photonics
Invited Speaker:
José Capmany Francoy,
Professor at Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
V-Band balun on the Metallic Nanowire Membrane (MnM) Interposer Technology
L. Gomes, I. Abe, J. Pinheiro, P. Ferrari, G. Rehder and A. Serrano
11:45 A Ka-band Frontend for mmWave MIMO and Beamforming Applications
R. Arruela, D. Marinho, T. Varum and J. Matos
12:00 Fiber Bragg Gratings in Visible Spectrum Range With Different Writing Times Followed by Regeneration Heating
C. Moura, P. Inácio, I. Chiamenti, H. Kalinowski and V. Oliveira
Application of Digital Beamforming to Software Defined Radio 5G/Radar Systems
D. Marinho, R. Arruela, T. Varum and J. Matos
12:15 Deterministic State-of-Polarization Generation for Polarization-Encoded Optical Communications
N. Muga, M. Ramos, S. Mantey, N. Silva and A. Pinto
Design X-bandpass Waveguide Chebyshev Filter based on CSRR Metamaterial
M. AbuHussain and U. Hasar
12:30 Design of a temperature-sensing smart textile based on Fiber Bragg Grating sensor in CYTOP fiber
D. Tosi, A. Issatayeva, A. Beisenova, C. Molardi, C. Marques, R. Min, K. Kalli and A. Theodosiou
12:45 Closing session
Room Moliceiro
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