Welcome Reception

Welcome Reception – Aveiro d’Honra

The conference reception will be held at the Aveiro Museum – Santa Joana, housed in the former Convent of Jesus of Dominican Order. This convent dates from the second half of the fifteenth century. Princess Santa Joana, daughter of Alfonso V, moved to this house in 1472, where she lived a life of holiness, which led to her beatification in 1693. The prestige of the convent was thus definitively associated with the presence of Princess Santa Joana and her religious worship. Princess Santa Joana is the patroness of Aveiro and the day of her death (12th May) is the local municipality holiday. During the reception, the participants will have the opportunity to taste the typical candies of Aveiro, Ovos Moles, in a live music environment.


Sunday – November 10, 2019 | 18:00 – 20:00
Museu Santa Joana
Santa Joana Avenue, Aveiro

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