Background and Objectives

It is possible to define photonics with the art of manipulating light: the science of generation, light detection and manipulation through emission, transmission, modulation, signal processing, switching, amplification and detection. It is an area of growing interest and relevance for scientific and technological development for diverse applications:  from computing, spectroscopy, medicine, materials processing, agriculture to robotics.

Fiber optic technology has enabled unprecedented advancement in telecommunication systems both in terms of the distances that can be achieved and the capacity of data transmission. However, the use of optical fibers was not only limited as a means of data transmission – fiber applications in the area of optical sensing, laser manufacturing and light manipulation through nonlinear effects are already well-known technologies and consolidated in scientific research and in commercial systems.

This workshop will also be the kickoff meeting for the Research and Innovation Center in Photonics and Advanced Sensing – FOTONS, funded by the Brazilian agencies CNPq and FAPES and including researchers from five international institutions:

  • Federal University of Espirito Santo (Brazil)
  • Federal Institute of Espirito Santo (Brazil)
  • Federal University of Technology–Paraná (Brazil)
  • Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal)
  • Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus)

Aim and Scope

The aim of this Workshop is to present current developments in the area of photonics and fiber optics sensing to build the next generation of solutions for industrial and health applications. Researchers are invited to submit their contributions in the following fields:

  • Optical light sources, including fiber laser sources and other solutions,
  • New interrogation techniques for optical fiber sensors,
  • Manufacturing techniques, development and general optical sensor applications.

Oral Presentations (Confirmed Speakers)

Gilberto Brambilla (University of Southampton, UK)

Garry Berkovic (Soreq, Israel)

Adrian Podoleanu (University of Kent, UK)

Francisco Rodrigues (PicAdvanced, Portugal)

Daniele Tosi (Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan)

Call for Contributions

Participants are encouraged to submit a 3-page paper (double column format) in the fields covered by this workshop listed above.

Oral and poster presentations will cover the latest research trends, new methods or technologies, advanced prototypes, systems, tools and techniques.  All papers will be peer reviewed. Accepted and presented full-length papers will appear in the Conference Proceedings and be indexed by IEEE Xplore.


Prof. Dr. Anselmo Frizera-Neto
Graduate Program on Electrical Engineering, Federal University of Espirito Santo (Brazil)

Dr. Carlos Marques
Physics Department & I3N, Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal)

Prof. Dr. Arnaldo Gomes Leal-Junior
Mechanical Engineering Department, Federal University of Espirito Santo (Brazil)

Dr. Camilo Arturo Rodríguez Díaz
Graduate Program on Electrical Engineering, Federal University of Espirito Santo (Brazil)

Agenda (Proposal)

Coming soon.